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Honey from Elba

The honey Millefiori is produced by our busy bees, in nectar from a variety of types of flowers, and has a flavor that varies based on the seasons. The honey is produced from the farmhouse Castiglione. It is a typical honey from Elba Island, ideal to combine with soft cheese.


Olive Oil Extra Virgin from Elba

The extra virgin olive oil, which comes from our own production, is a mix from 100-year-old olive trees and younger olive trees. The quality of the olives used are a mixture of the four classic varieties of olive groves in Tuscany: (frantic, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo). Once the olives are in the right level of maturity, the cold-pressing is carried out within the next 12 hours. The resulting oil is not subjected to filtration, thereby it may be a deposition on the bottom of the bottle, but this is not a defect but a symbol of authenticity.